About Us

US SEO Services are experts in the online marketing industry specializing in SEO (search engine optimization). We provide services to a variety of businesses across the United States such as construction/home improvement, legal, medical, financial and more. Our services help businesses in a variety of ways such as building a strong brand name online, increasing their customers base, growing their business, expanding to new locations, targeting customers who are searching online for what they have to offer and helping them reach their business goals!

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Current Position Available:

Online Marketing Sales Representative Jobs

Job Description

We want energetic, outgoing individuals that are looking for a part-time or full-time sales rep jobs with room for advancement within the company.  This is a sales position to attract business owners to find out more about how our services would be beneficial to their business. 


You will be supplied with training and information for our services.


If you are searching for remote jobs, this is a sales position that will allow you to work remotely. There is no set location required, you can work in your local area or reach out to businesses across the United States!


The hours are flexible. You can create your own schedule and hours of work.


This job is a little different than other sales jobs. It is commissioned based pay (to be discussed in an interview), without having the responsibility of closing the sale, but simply getting them interested in looking at a proposal of our services.  Top performers make between $50-75k a year!

How to Apply

No phone calls at this point. I will look at resumes & applications submitted and if you seem to be a good fit you will be contacted for an interview.

Please submit your resume to info@usseoservices.net If you do not have a resume, you can fill Click Here to Fill Out an Application.

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Hiring Locations

We are hiring for remote jobs as a sales representative throughout the United States. We are looking for sales reps across the United States! Wherever you are, you are welcome to apply. Some of the major cities we would like to hear from are:

Birmingham, Alabama
Anchorage, Alaska
Phoenix, Arizona
Little Rock, Arkansas
Los Angeles, California
Denver, Colorado
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Wilmington, Delaware
Miami, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Honalulu, Hawaii
Boise, Idaho
Chicago, Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
Des Moines, Iowa
Wichita, Kansas
Louisville, Kentucky
New Orleans, Louisiana
Portland. Maine
Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts
Detroit, Michigan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jackson, Mississippi
Kansas City, Missouri
Billings, Montana
Omaha, Nebraska
Las Vegas, Nevada
Manchester, New Hampshire
Newark, New Jersey
Albuquerque, New Mexico
New York, New York
Charlotte, North Carolina
Fargo, North Dakota
Columbus, Ohio
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Portland, Oregon
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Providence, Rhode Island
Charleston, South Carolina
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Nashville, Tennessee
Houston, Texas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Burlington, Vermont
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Seattle, Washington
Charleston, West Virginia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cheyenne, Wyoming