Every business needs to advertise, and Google Adwords can play a positive role in bringing in more customers and leads for your business. However, creating an AdWords account on your own from start to finish can be intense enough to cause even the most capable business owner into giving up on the idea.

Actually, managing an AdWords account is a whole other topic entirely.

AdWords management alone can quickly become overwhelming without the right expertise, because Google Adwords does not provide a strategy with assistance for proper campaign structure, bidding strategy, or ad copy optimization.  It can be challenging to swim those waters because Google Adwords has made their campaigns so complex.  That’s where we come in.

PPC advertising delivers instant traffic by placing you at top positions on Google search engines. With Google accounting for two-thirds of all US searches, AdWords remains the most effective PPC advertising. It not only places your site in prominent view of customers that are already most likely sold on what you have to offer, but AdWords also provides you with the ability to accurately test keywords, which compliments SEO strategies for organic rankings.

We will manage your Google AdWords account targeting the keywords that will drive conversions (purchases, leads, goal completions) to your site. Highly focused keyword research helps us determine the most cost-effective approach to obtaining qualified customers who are searching for exactly what you offer. Through a variety of research tools and techniques, we develop effective paid search campaigns focused on meeting your goals.

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