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Why is Jacksonville SEO important for Jacksonville, Florida Businesses?

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Current live statistics show that there are over 1.6 billion websites in the world, a significant increase from about 17 million two decades ago. The main reason for the rise in number is that it has become much easier to create a website from a template, most of which are free. Moreover, web hosting services are also cheaper than ever meaning that anyone can easily create their website even without any technical knowledge. This is a good thing for businesses too because an entrepreneur can now create a company website quickly and enjoy the benefits that come with it. On the other hand, increased competition for visitors has made it harder for Jacksonville businesses to stand out and get recognized.

Every Jacksonville business would want to appear at the top of a search engine’s search results (Jacksonville SEO) because that is the only way to get clicks and, subsequently, visitors to your website. According to Google’s CTR (click through rate) report, the first page of Google search results has a 71% CTR rate. The report also revealed that 75% of users will not even scroll past the first page of Google search results. In fact, the very first result in a search page will enjoy 32.5% of clicks, almost a third, while the rest receive diminishing clicks. This should tell you how important it is to ensure your website appears at the top of search results, and also make you aware of the competition in vying for that top spot.

By now, you may already feel discouraged by the competitiveness involved, but there is good news. It is possible to still beat the competition and earn that top spot, and Jacksonville SEO can help you achieve that goal.

What is Jacksonville SEO Services and why is it important for your business?

You have probably heard the acronym SEO thrown around all over the internet, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which a website can improve its ranking in search results and increase traffic organically. Organic traffic basically means traffic from users who land on your website directly from search results. A company may use inorganic means like paid advertisements but this increases the company’s budget and limits the number of visits it gets. There are several good reasons to incorporate Jacksonville SEO into your business, but today we are going to focus on the 2 most important reasons.

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With a Jacksonville SEO Expert, You’ll Receive More Visitors

By ensuring your company’s website always appears at the top of search results, you will receive a lot more visits and increase your audience to a larger area. As we already mentioned, about a third of all clicks on Google go to the first link in a search results page. Considering that Google processes 40,000 searches every second and 1.5 billion every day, it’s obvious that your business will receive a lot of visitors when you appear above your peers thanks to Jacksonville SEO. More visitors to your website obviously means more opportunities to sell your products and services because one of the most important rules in marketing is to get someone looking at your business. If you have watched Glengarry Glen Ross, you will know that the next step should be to close the deal.

At this point, a savvy entrepreneur may be wondering why they would need Jacksonville SEO when they can just pay to have their website advertised. This is indeed true, because Google AdWords is a paid service for doing just that. You must have noticed that when searching on Google, you will see that the top website has a yellow box reading ‘Ad’ next to the title. Naturally, you may get tempted to opt in for the service and immediately appear at the top of search results. There is also the problem of time because building organic traffic to your website with an Jacksonville SEO agency takes time unlike a paid placement that appears immediately. Shouldn’t this be the go-to for every business that wants to increase traffic?

Well, there are some drawbacks involved in paid advertisements. While your website will appear at the top immediately, it comes with a cost. Unless your business has a big enough budget for marketing, paying for advertisements could become expensive over time. Paying for advertisements means that you have not put in the time and effort to improve the quality of your website – it’s a shortcut. Therefore, you will have to keep paying in perpetuity just to maintain an online presence and this will be a huge expenses over the years. Add to that, your target audience will be limited since this is what happens with paid ads unlike organic traffic by a Jacksonville SEO company that opens your business to an unlimited number of potential visitors.

The journey with Jacksonville SEO experts may be gradual, but over time proper SEO service will consistently keep your website visible, starting a series of dominos. Within a short time, your business will experience exponential growth in visitors, which only fuels more visitors to come just because you improved the quality and visibility of your website. As we are going to discuss in the next section, Google’s crawling algorithms will take notice of the increasing visits and keep showing your website before the rest.

Build trust with your visitors and clients using Jacksonville SEO Agency

Another reason to use Jacksonville SEO services is that it gives your visitors confidence in what you have to offer just by seeing your website appear at the top. Have you ever wondered why people prefer to shop in a store that has a lot of people in it? Even when there is an equally comparable store next to it, people will still queue for minutes or even hours in the already packed store. The same is true at the grocery store, where customers won’t pick the last remaining item, so the store has to keep filling the shelves. It is because of our psyche tells us that the huge number of people in a store means that the products offered are good. Even if the store next door was to lower prices, our minds would think that they are doing so because they have inferior products. In a grocery store, you wouldn’t want to pick the last box of cereal because you think it has been rejected by everyone else for some reason.

When it comes to search results, the same principles apply, leading people to choose the top result, just like they would select the packed store. If your website is at the top of the search page thanks to Jacksonville SEO agency, visitors already trust what you have to offer because they believe you wouldn’t be so popular otherwise. Thus, you can use this newfound trust with help from Jacksonville SEO to more easily convert visitors into actual paying clients. The level of trust gradually decreases towards the lower rungs of the search page, making it less difficult for the visitors to purchase your products or services. There is also the problem of appearing inferior when a competitor is displayed above you. As a potential client is trying to compare similar services, the website that appears above in searches will most likely be selected even if prices are higher for the same reason discussed above.

Even with paid ads, the same level of trust cannot be generated either compared to Jacksonville SEO experts. Google clearly indicates that a particular search result is an ad, meaning that users can know the company paid to be there. Although the ad may still get a lot of clicks, users will always have the knowledge, and that might make the company seem insincere and not completely genuine. As a business, this is one of the worst images to have in your customers’ minds because it will make building trust a lot more difficult.

Jacksonville SEO Consultant Can Create a Recognizable Brand Locally and Internationally

Most businesses today have a website as part of their branding and for good reasons. Statistics by Accenture show that 94% of B2B buyers and 81% of retail customers do their research online before making a decision on a purchase. For this reason, a business needs a website to have a recognizable brand. Besides, Google has indicated that mobile searches have exceeded those on desktop, which further means that people are more likely to look up something before making a purchase. E-commerce has been become more common than ever, with Statista predicting that about 17.5% of all retail sales will be done online. Jacksonville SEO can, therefore, literally put you on the map and make your company instantly recognizable within your local area and even beyond.

How SEO Jacksonville keeps your website at the top

As you would expect, SEO services in Jacksonville are in very high demand because every business wants to appear at the top of search results and enjoy all the benefits above. Naturally, competition has also crept up among SEO experts, leading some to exploit some vulnerabilities within Google’s algorithms. In many cases, this backfires because Google is always trying to refine its search algorithms to improve the quality of searches. This is why you need a Jacksonville SEO company because we understand how these algorithms work to ensure a website is always ranked at the top. Now, there are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, but Google as a 75% market share and we shall focus on this for the purposes of this piece.

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Extensive market research with SEO Expert Jacksonville

Sun Tzu said, ‘know your enemy and know yourself, you will never be in peril’. Competition in business may not an actual war but it certainly is a battle, so this advice holds. Jacksonville SEO therefore does extensive market research to identify what your potential clients are looking for. Using tools like Google Trends, it is possible to find out what people are searching for in a given area and include it in the website. Keywords are still the most important factor search algorithms look for when determining how to rank websites and through research we can identify the ‘hottest keywords to include.

Over time, the particular keywords users search for will keep changing, which is why Jacksonville SEO services also stays up to date with changing trends and changes the content to remain relevant. Search algorithms are also keen on noting which websites have remained unchanged for long periods as a sign of inactivity. Currently, only 200 million of the 1.6 billion websites are active. When a website is considered inactive, it is pushed down the ranking and loses visitors. But by always updating content and keeping it relevant, it serves the extra purpose of keeping the website active.

SEO Services Jacksonville Uses Varying keywords

Google and other search engines now use machine learning and AI to refine search results because of the huge number of websites and content shared on the internet. Jacksonville SEO recognizes that one of these core elements is called RankBrain that is able to skim over content to determine the subject being discussed. This component is responsible for keeping search results relevant so that, for example, you only get law-related websites when you search for something related to the law. To establish what subject or content a website has, it will look for related terms within the content.

In such a case as the legal website, words synonymous with the law will increase RankBrain’s interpretation of the website. Jacksonville SEO will make sure that there are multiple keywords spread out throughout the website to ensure that your website appears in search result when someone needs legal services, for example. At the same time, this variance of keywords keeps the keyword density low so that the algorithm doesn’t interpret the content as fluff.

SEO Agency Jacksonville uses Excellent Quality Content

The moment a visitor to your website gets bored with reading what you have on your website, you can bet they will immediately leave the website. To keep a visitor reading and ultimately become a lead, the content of your website must be engaging and captivating. Like a good book, you can keep your visitors engaged and eager to know more about your business, which is the only way to make use of all the incoming traffic. Once again, Jacksonville SEO will provide you with the best writers to create your content so that you can maximize every click and visit on your website.

A side benefit to this is that it also reduces the bounce rate on your website and increases visit duration. Algorithms consider how quickly users visit a website before leaving, a measure referred to as the bounce rate. If your visitors quickly leave the website, the website is considered to have a high bounce rate. As a result, the algorithm will believe the content is not useful to people and push the ranking downwards. Inversely, a higher visit duration is a sign of importance that the algorithm will interpret as a successful search result because the visitor found what they were looking for.

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