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I take you over my shoulder in step-by-step training in this Search Engine Optimization Course. You don’t have a website? Doesn’t matter – we teach that too! You can successfully get page 1 rankings for your business! You can choose an affordable 1-time payment or break it up over 6 months and you get 25% OFF!

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SEO Course Online For Small Business Owners

SEO is a process that combines all the activities that aim to position your site as high as possible in the organic search results of all search engines. SEO and SEO Classes works in many ways, collects data, links from online search engines etc. Using all the information collected, a particular search engine will rank you based on how relevant and useful you are for the visitor. Almost 90% of people view only the first or second page of search results, they do not pay attention to others. This is why SEO exists. The goal is to optimize your search engine results page for optimum optimization and therefore get a lot of new visitors.

The point of SEO site optimization and the Best SEO Course is that it helps to position websites so that they are quickly found and visited on the keywords they are optimized for. Website SEO optimization helps you successfully meet your business goals with the help of your website even in difficult circumstances. Better site positioning will get you more views, visitors, clicks, and therefore more revenue.

Do you need to become an SEO expert to Get Results?!

Absolutely Not! Never Again Pay for SEO Services!!

If you own a business, before you hire a company to do SEO, we think you should try to learn SEO yourself. You are the person who knows best about your products and services, the way you work and the competition that surrounds you. Not having a college degree in IT and marketing will not stop you from doing a good SEO organization on your own, as long as you learn the key things and tips that the SEO world has to offer.

Do not get us wrong, SEO agencies are professional, fast and effective and they do their jobs very well, but above that, they are in most cases too expensive. If you are a beginner in business and have a lot of time, it is better to save your money and deal with the SEO techniques yourself with Online SEO training. We have no doubt that over time you will become a pro at keeping your site in the search engines in the first place. If the owner is also the webmaster of the site and works on maintaining and updating it, it will be much easier for him to do some things himself and apply SEO techniques in order to better optimize his site.


The answer is simple, this SEO Marketing Course will be your most important interest, and we will teach you how to do it in the right way.

It is important to never deviate from the rules set by Google or any other search engine (Google is the most popular). You must have a site that is of sufficient quality and that meets all web standards – this is what you will first learn in our Search Engine Optimization Training. We will talk about the topics that are most important to you when building a good SEO organization.

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1.  SEO PROCESS: Do a thorough keyword research

The first thing to do is to do thorough market research in our SEO Classes Online. It does not matter if you know the keywords for your business. You can only guess what your potential customers are typing while searching on Google, but the job of SEO site optimization is to investigate in detail what are all the relevant keywords for your market.

If you have a new site, you will often struggle with sites that have existed for a long time and are better positioned with local search engine marketing. Google evaluates longer-lasting sites and domain names for a long period of time. Some of the more popular SEO site optimization and ranking software are and They are about $ 150 a month for the starter pack, and the question is do you need it when you only work on your site? Our Best SEO Course Online answers this and more.

What is smart is to take a free trial of all these software (just don’t forget to cancel the membership before they charge you), and exhaust all the data within those 30 days of the trial period.

2.  SEO GUIDE: Determine which are the main and secondary keywords that you want to rank for

The keywords with the highest number of searches will usually be the “major” ones that you will focus on in the long run to be first in our SEO Learn Online course.

The first one is the main keyword that has the biggest number of researches when it comes to SEO for startups. Other keywords are also worth using, and specific enough that a lot of smaller keywords can be attached to them.

The secondary keywords for digital marketing for startups, which you turn into blog articles, serve on the one hand to rank and attract visits, and on the other, to persuade visitors to become clients. They serve as the SEO infrastructure of the site so that your reach is as broad as possible. It is like tossing a net to catch as many fish as possible.

3.  SEO TECHNIQUES:  Make a Content Marketing strategy or plan

It’s always better to have good content and a bad site than a good site and bad content. It is also of course best to have both, a good site and good content and a SEO strategy.

But that’s why it’s important to invest in good content and value it at least as much as you value a good site. Good SEO optimization also involves strategic consideration of the content. It is much easier to find good keywords than to create good content. Unfortunately, people rarely deal with this because they don’t understand the true power of good content.

Creating a complete SEO digital marketing strategy is a serious business. It requires you to understand the customers, what they want, what their problems are, and how to solve them through good content. The goal of the site is to be useful, so you should give more free stuff to solve and help visitors. The more free content you give, the more visitors you will get back with local search SEO.

4.  SEO TRICKS:  Find good writers who can write SEO optimized texts

Good writers will come up with the strongest and the best headlines for a targeted keyword for small business SEO and local search marketing. When people see it on Google, they will click on your site rather than the result above yours. Google will see it, and after some time it will rank better your text, because it notices that people click on your site before some other website, even though you are lower positioned in the search.

5.  SEO TUTORIAL: Do a good on-page SEO site optimization

Basic SEO has a lot of important technical parts, commonly called on-page. The thing is, hundreds of factors affect your position on Google. It’s just a matter of control what you can and cannot influence. Basically, you can influence almost anything, but the question is how much real impact you have. So SEO tasks are divided into off-page and on-page.

On-page is something you have far more control over just like you have more control over how you will see yourself than how others will see you with local search optimization. On-page is your site and all the technical aspects that you can refine to be perfect and make Google love you more.

The simplest example of on-page optimization is your site’s speed for real estate SEO. The faster the site, the smaller number of bothered users. The clearer the site, the better connection, etc. You must provide the easiest way for users to access the information they are looking for. Think about this: if you have a site that has a ton of ads, users will not have a good experience. That is the first sign that maybe you have done poorly on-page optimization, so you will rank lower. Also, if the site is too slow, you will be ranked poorly.

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6.  IMPROVE SEARCH ENGINE RANKING:  Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the core of every site and part of the SEO process. It is a free tool that Google makes available to webmasters. It actually serves as a spy tool for Google to better evaluate whether or not you are a good partner. The most basic function of Google Analytics and Google my business SEO is to know “how many visits you have”. But that’s not all.

Google Analytics also tells you where your visitors come from, which city, devices they use, how long they stayed on the site, what pages they opened, what landing page they entered, etc. You can also see live at any time how many people are on the site and where they came from with local business SEO. Whether from Google, from Facebook, from another site through a link, or maybe via email. You can see, analyze, and adjust your strategy based on that.

7.  SITE OPTIMIZATION: Optimize your mobile site

Now, maybe 70% of visits will come to you from mobile devices, so first and foremost for the sake of users, the site has to be optimized ie. adapted for all mobile devices with local SEO. The site has to look just as good or better on mobile than on a computer.

The good thing is that most WordPress sites (if you take a custom or template solution) already have a responsive design topic with local SEO solutions. It’s already mobile-friendly. If you have an older site that is custom made for your needs and not adapted for mobile, then this is your primary task. Google favors sites that are custom or even mobile-first, i.e. made for mobile users

8.  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TIPS:  Publish as many relevant texts as possible

What matters is that you have a focused site that deals with one specific topic in as much detail as possible and focused on digital marketing for a startup. With a focused site, you will be able to rank faster and easier than with a general site that covers all topics. Google likes specialized sites that have authority on a particular topic. Better content helps you to rank and position yourself as an expert in your field. This is what attracts links (recommendations), a major signal that Google is taking into consideration.

9.  SEARCH ENGINE POSITIONING:  Keep track of results and optimize your site further

It is better to have some content than not have it at all with local search engine optimization. So you better have some solid text, even though it is not the best in the world, than not have it at all. Once the text is “ranked,” and even if it is on page two, page three, you will be provided with specific information that will help you know what and how to improve the content to enhance your position.

No one can guarantee the result because no one has a direct influence on Google. Local business SEO optimization includes a bit of a science, a little bit of art, and a craft. Results and data help with creative thinking and ideas and You should constantly try to better understand your customers and how to better serve them

10.  SEO TRAINING:  Add videos and pictures

The site with good videos and pictures will have more visitors because let’s say it is richer in content with local SEO marketing. It is a good idea to have original photos that are appearing only on your site, and you can SEO optimize your images and video for yourself. There are a few special issues about uploading video content to a site, but that should not be a big problem for you. This is optional but it helps to rank better, and the page is well optimized because Google maps SEO sees it as better content.


SEO optimization will not always seem simple. It will take some google local SEO training, patience and time. SEO and search engine analytics are changing very fast, so your adaptation to the new situation is a must. But you will get all the tricks and skills along the way. Before you rush in and give all your money to an SEO agency, follow these steps and give yourself a try. SEO optimization is probably easier than it might seem at first glance. As long as you take care of your site and work on content, search engine ranking, success, customers, and money will come over time. Have a nice digital marketing strategy for startups!

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