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Google Maps/Google My Business

1. Copy/paste this link into into your browser:

2. Log in using your Gmail
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3. Look at the menu on the left side and click on USERS.

4. Click on the icon in the top right corner
(It looks like a person+)

5. Click on "Invite New User"

6. Enter my gmail address: USSEOSERVICESFL@GMAIL.COM

5. Choose my role "Manager"

6. Click "Invite" on the bottom right


Google Needs to Verify Your Business to Activate Your Listing

Caution: It MUST be a STREET address. Do NOT put a PO Box or a UPS store address !!!!

What Do You Want to Rank For?

PLEASE LIST 3 SPECIFIC services/products that you want to rank on page 1 for to start with. We will move on to others later, this is just a starting point.
This is where you list all of your products / services that you want to rank for. I will do the keyword research, you just tell me what you offer.
If you want to rank locally then list the city/cities and radius you cover...You can also list states and nationwide.

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Here are the steps to add me as a user: Step 1: Log in to Google Analytics Step 2: Click on Admin in the bottom left corner Step 3: Click on Account User Management Step 4: Click on the Plus symbol on the top right corner Step 5: Click add user Step 6: Add my email: Step 7: Check the box for Edit Step 8: Click Add on the top right corner
Step 1: Log into Google Search Console Step 2: Click on Settings on the left side Step 3: Click on Users and permissions in the middle of the screen Step 4: Click on Add User in the top right corner Step 5: Enter my gmail address: Step 6: Click Add