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Getting Started

Pay the one time only set up fee by using the link below that will take you to an encrypted, secure checkout page.

Once you’ve made the payment you will receive a confirmation email that payment has been received. You will be taken to the onboarding form (the link is also below in case you need it again). Fill out the on boarding as best as you can (if there’s anything you’re not sure about you can put NA and I will reach out to you if anything more is needed). You will also need to add me as a user on your Google Maps listing (don’t worry, if you don’t have one we can set get it set up). The 1 minute instruction video link is below to show you how. Be sure to add the services/products (keywords) that you want to rank for to start with so that once the foundation is complete we can begin working on the super boost!

Your first monthly payment will not be due next month, because it’s FREE! Your first monthly payment will begin the month after within about 60 days! For example, if you paid the set up fee on June 24, you get July 24th payment FREE, and wouldn’t pay your first monthly payment until August 24th!

I look forward to working on this for you and congratulations on your first FREE month!!

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