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Why You Need An SEO Consultant Tallahassee, FL To Help Improve Your Online Presence

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There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can use graphics, visuals and images to rank well with Google Image Search and generate traffic to your website. How can you use images that show up in search results to promote your brand, and how can you guarantee some of your images come up in search results at all? And how can you use images along with Tallahassee SEO to improve your engagement with customers and your sales?

Tallahassee SEO Expert – Why Images Matter to Your Brand

A picture is worth at least several hundred words of content, since product pages without an image rarely sell the product while product pages with several high quality, relevant images of the product are more likely to sell the product than one with a basic, low resolution picture of the product. In this regard, if you’re selling something online, particularly through an e-commerce site, one high quality and appealing image of the product is a minimum. Two or more images are value added, though multiple images should be available in a carousel format or the best image for marketing purposes shown prominently with other images shown in smaller thumbnails but enlarged when the customer clicks on them. A Tallahassee SEO expert can help you choose which images have the greatest appeal to buyers.

We know images are engaging and readily sell products, given the popularity of image heavy sites like Pinterest as social media and the rush to Pinterest by sellers and marketers to promote their products and services. The high level of engagement and value of attractive images explains why Pinterest had a market value of around 23 billion dollars as of 2020. The number has only increased by them. Fortunately, you don’t have to set up an account on Pinterest and try to compete with housewares brands and cooking enthusiasts to use image searches to promote your brand and products. By promoting your business through Google images, you’ll capture a much wider audience while leading them directly to your website or your e-commerce page.

Unfortunately, too many businesses focus on a wide array of glossy images but neglect search engine optimization. They upload photos and assume their job is done. Talk to a Tallahassee SEO company to learn how you can optimize your image gallery to help those pictures sell better. Depending on the Tallahassee SEO service you choose, they could upload images and create product descriptions for your new -commerce site.

Google Image Search and Your Tallahassee SEO

A third of all searches on Google are specifically for images. Roughly one in eight search engine results pages show image packs. The value of this is compounded by the fact the image results are located on the top half of the page in Google search results. When your product comes up in image specific searches, you’ve successfully promoted yourself to someone interested in that type of product. If your logo or product images come up in reference to a search for your company name or product name, you’ve reinforced a positive impression of both.

If you have a thumbnail of an infographic or image that promotes the content, the image becomes a lead-in to reading the content in depth. Or you can share images from your e-commerce site, promoting your brand while leading people to the next stage in your sales funnel. Work with a Tallahassee SEO consultant to upgrade the content on your e-commerce site, too, because repetitive content will hurt your SEO.

Tallahassee SEO Agency – How to Add Images to Google Image Search Results

Google image search will pull many images on your website. Uploading images to image galleries is not worth the effort, since the lacking content around them makes them very unlikely to show up in searches.

Google rewards images that have descriptive text. An alt tag that describes the image is a minimum, whereas a keyword rich caption is better. Using both keyword based alt tags and relevant image descriptions with a few related key search terms is ideal. Google also looks at the content around the image to determine its relevance, so don’t plop an optimized image in unrelated content. The ideal case for images occurs when the page title, content and image description all use the same key search terms that the user is searching for. Let this Tallahassee SEO agency assist you in setting up product pages and optimize the content.

SEO Services Tallahassee – How to Use Google Images to Promote Your Business and Products

If you make your living selling images or visual content, you want to rank well for Google images. This process starts by uploading high quality images to your website and ensuring that the image is both public and searchable.

Repeat this process across your business’ social media profiles and subdomains, since the more locations that have images increases the odds at least a few will show up in the first set of Google image results. Google images are one case where duplication isn’t penalized, so you can use the same great image of your product line on multiple pieces of informational content or across all your social media profiles without penalty. In fact, using the same good image in multiple locations with similar tags and descriptions increases its odds of showing up in search results. A SEO consultant Tallahassee can give you tips on what terms to use.

Periodically Google your business and your product name. You can share the images others’ websites have of your product or business via the share button on the Google image results page without sharing that business’ link. This promotes your business’ image with searchers. A SEO expert Tallahassee can do this for you.

If you share the links to the images Google Images shows for your company’s products or business that make it look good, you’ve promoted a link on social media that aids your business that guides them to your business’ website but without promoting the same link as your home page. Thus having your social media profiles promote links on Google images indirectly improves your site’s SEO and directly increases brand awareness without link spamming. Remember that a successful digital marketing strategy will promote your company across all channels – traditional search engine marketing, image search and social media. Apply SEO to your company’s social media profiles, and you’ll increase the visibility and the reach of your visually rich content. A SEO consultant Tallahassee can recommend terms that are related to your product and relevant to your clients.

SEO Consultant Tallahassee – How Good Images Are Necessary to Selling Your Business and Your Product

You must have good quality images along with excellent SEO in order for your products to show up in Google shopping. On the flipside, you will turn off potential shoppers if you have poor quality images on your e-commerce page. Poor quality images and unrelated images on your home page will hurt your traffic metrics, too, though your business homepage and thumbnail came up in search results.

Furthermore, your customers will appreciate a “show, not tell” approach. Use pictures to show them how to use the product. Use pictures to show who should be using each product in your lineup. This is a great way to connect with your audience while promoting the product. Include keyword rich descriptions next to the image. This is good SEO, and it allows people who can’t read or get the images to load to know what is going on. A Tallahassee SEO expert can help you optimize product descriptions along with page titles so that it all aids your search engine result pages rankings.

Images can do wonders for building your brand’s credibility. It isn’t limited to headshots of key employees or a picture of your team in front of the building, though these should be present on the related company pages. Pictures of the front of your business where major landmarks are visible demonstrate your local connections, while the related description improves your site’s local Tallahassee search engine optimization.

Include pictures of your business from major highways in addition to a map capsule, so they know what it looks like as they’re approaching it. SEO Tallahassee would describe the business as located off Tallahassee Southwest instead of highway 263. A Tallahassee SEO firm can also help you improve your local SEO. They can give you advice on what landmarks or terms improve Tallahassee SEO.

SEO Expert Tallahassee – How to Tie Images to Your Social Media Marketing

The content most likely to be shared on social media is the engaging image that’s hard to describe in ten words or less. This is why infographics and memes seem to dominate social media, while long-form text is second best. If you want to extend your company’s reach on social media, you need to focus on high quality, branded images that are related to your company.

How do you put this into practice? Share a photo of a team member in uniform when congratulating them on their graduation, promotion or other achievement. Include brand related keywords and hashtags in any post. Share images of your new product when you’re talking about the new release. Include pictures of your product line when sharing coupon codes and news about upcoming sales. Don’t forget keywords like “sale”, “coupons” or “discount” unless you want the marketing copy to be lost in the crowd. Good SEO is essential to improving the reach of even your tweets.

It isn’t enough to share photos of your product and storefront if you want potential customers to find you. Work with a Tallahassee SEO expert to improve the branding and reach of your social media accounts, e-commerce pages and website.